Key Facts about Leonid Boguslavsky

Early days

  • Leonid was born in Moscow in 1951.

  • In 1973, he graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

  • Between 1973 and 1990, he conducted research in Computer Science and received a Doctorate degree.

  • In 1990, he founded LVS, the exclusive distributor for Oracle in USSR.

  • In 1991, Leonid moved to Canada, working at the University of Toronto as a visiting professor of Computer Science.


  • In 1997, he sold the company he founded, LVS, to PwC.

  • Using the proceeds from the sale, he co-founded technology investment firm ru-Net in 2000, which was the precursor to RTP Global.

  • Approximately 99% of Leonid's personal wealth was created in the US, Europe and India.

  • In all of RTP Global's funds since inception, the vast majority of capital has derived from his personal wealth that was created from Internet and IT investments.

  • He contributes >99% of the capital in the current fund.

  • He was one of the first major investors in New York-based Datadog in 2012. It went public on NASDAQ in 2019, returning 500 times the invested capital and becoming one of his major holdings.


  • Leonid has been a Canadian citizen since 1996.

  • Leonid is not and has not been a tax resident in Russia since February 2015.

  • He lives in Italy with his wife and children.

  • In response to Russia's invasion, Leonid released a statement in March 2022 – “I call for peace”.