About RTP Global

RTP Global is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology companies. Since 2000, RTP Global has partnered with more than a hundred founding teams across Europe, Asia and North America.

RTP has a strong track record, backing over a dozen companies that went on to be worth more than $1 billion. Half are now public and trade at $10 billion+ market caps in the US and Europe.


  • RTP Global operates from offices in New York, London, Paris, Bangalore and Dubai.

  • The fund has no offices or operational presence in Russia.

Source of Funds

  • In all of RTP Global's funds since inception, the vast majority of capital has derived from its founder, Leonid Boguslavsky.

  • RTP Global has never received an investment from a Russian institution or other institution.

  • In RTP's current fund, Leonid contributes >99% of the capital.

  • RTP's own employees and the founders RTP has historically invested in make up the remainder of the fund's capital.

Investments & Portfolio

  • RTP Global was one of the first investors in Datadog in 2012, returning 500 times the invested capital and becoming one of the fund's major holdings.

  • RTP was also an early investor in Epam, RingCentral, Delivery Hero among others which are now public companies in the US and Europe.

  • RTP Global does not invest in Russia.

  • Its portfolio includes successful businesses from 18 countries across the world.